About Our Practice

The most advanced surgical techniques.
The most advanced surgical training.

The professionals at Precision Spine Center represent a
multidisciplinary team of spine care experts with an excellent
track record of success in treating a wide variety of spinal
disorders. We are one of a very few centers in the United
States to use 3D navigation during surgery, as well as
computer-assisted spine surgery. This advanced technology
allows us to accurately treat the affected area without damaging
healthy bone, tissue or nerves, and enables the precise placement
of implanted devices to achieve optimal outcomes.

Precision Spine Center is one of the few spine treatment centers in the country with multiple practicing physicians that are dual fellowship trained in both orthopedic and neurological spinal surgery... a rare combination of training that brings a more comprehensive perspective to our practice and an added measure of confidence for our patients.

Spine care is our specialty, our sole focus, our passion. If you’re seeking long-term relief and/or optimum spine health, we invite you to consult with us.

Doctor ChoiDr. William Choi

After receiving his medical degree from McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Choi completed a neurosurgical residency at Montreal Neurological Institute and was awarded the prestigious Penfield Award for Excellence in Neurosurgery. He pursued further specialization in spine surgery through two complex spine clinical/research fellowships at UCLA and the University of Miami. Dr. Choi then moved to Colorado to direct the Multidisciplinary Spine Surgery Program at the University of Colorado Hospital, helping the program to become one of the top regional referral centers in just two years.

Doctor MelamedDr. Melamed

Dr. Melamed received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado and attended Medical School at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. He finished his Neurosurgery Residency at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. During his residency he completed additional training in orthopedic spine surgery, skull based surgery and vascular surgery. He then completed a two year fellowship in Surgical Endovascular Neuroradiology in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Melamed also served as an Associate Professor for the Indiana University School of Medicine – Department of Neurosurgery. His expertise includes endoscopic surgical procedures, degenerative spine disorders, vascular brain disorders such as aneurysms and a variety of other cranial neurosurgical issues. For a detailed discussion of Dr. Melamed’s expertise regarding brain, vascular and peripheral nerve issues go to precisionneuro.org.